A.C.W.  Annual Penny Sale

Saturday November 4, 10 a.m. - 2 p.m.
Fellowship Room

Please bring your donation of a new perchased item, home craft, or service of no set value
to the Church
by Sunday October 22.

Please include the approximate value of your gift.

Thank you for supporting this community outreach event.


Supper Club

We are meeting on the last Friday of each month
for dinner and fellowship.
Our next dinner is September 29.

All are welcome!

ACW Meat Pies

Available to pick up on
Monday October 16.

These delicious little pies make an "easy peazy" dinner ready any time!


Gift Card Fundraising Program

Buy a gift card for yourself or your family!
With an extensive selection of retailers from a wide variety of categories, you are sure to find your favourites.
Use them to pay for your day-to-day purchases instead of cash, credit or debit.

The Church will receive a percentage of the profits from each gift card purchased.

Christ & the Workplace
Holy Trinity Church is a member of the Pelham Business Association.
Together, business leaders and parishioners share community service projects and events.
Our church's vision is to bridge the gap between the secular world and Christ.
"There is nothing more spiritual or holy about going to Church than
about going to the office, if you go to both places to
serve and obey God."  (Samuel Shoemaker).